P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S


Choreography: Dana Pala

Interpretation: Dana Pala, Enrico Paglialunga

Music: Jiří Lukeš, foreign music theme: José Bolaños

Set, Light design, Photography: Michal Hór

Costume: Nguyen Ha Thanh

Photo credit: Andrea Barcalová

Tehnical specification: stage size: 10x10, lights: 6x profil, 21x PC PA, 1x haze, 8x tripod, 2x base, black floor, black horizont. Lenght: 30/60 min.


"On the way from Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean or from Berlin to Prague. The story of The Little Mermaid by H. Ch. Andersen as a topic of performance about the soul of the main character, the woman traveling around the world but being attracted by a step to a real world and exact place for love. Will she dare to leave the sea to live ashore? And what will happen next? "

Dance duet for two strangers who are permanently searching for love. Freely inspired by H. CH. Andersen story. 


Date of premier: 2.12. 2012, Prague

links: trailer: https://vimeo.com/264015155 full 30min video: https://vimeo.com/257293766

reviews: https://www.tanecnimagazin.cz/2017/12/04/neopakovatelny-zazitek/  http://www.tanecniaktuality.cz/la-mar-podmorske-plynuti-pohybu/ 

Dance Photo Video Installation


Choreography, Directed, Concept: Dana Pala

Directed, Concept, Set, Light design, Photography: Michal Hór

Interpretation: Dana Pala, Daša Horváthová

Music: Jiří Lukeš ( Honorary mention AWARD for Czech Composition MUSICA NOVA 2016)

Costume: Nguyen Ha Thanh Špetlíková

Camera, Edit: Tomáš Krejča

Date of premier: 29/9 2016 EX POST gallery Prague 

Tehnical specification: stage size: 10x10, lights: 4x profil, 4x PC PAR, 1x digital proyector, black floor, black horizont

Lenght: 9 min. ( performed together with live dance performanace of choreography Elementhis! + 15min = 25min complete video dance installation. Possible separated performance of each.)

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7colErN3Fs







Choreography: Dana Pala

Interpretation: Laila Tafur

Music: Jiří Lukeš

Set, Light design, Photography: Michal Hór

Costume: Nguyen Ha Thanh

Tehnical specification: stage size: 10x10, lights: 4x profil, 4x PC PAR, 1x digital proyector, black floor, black horizont

Lenght: 16 min.


"Elementhis is a multimedial project that explores and utilizes the possibilities of photography, choreography and music composition. Choreography is concerned with three stages of the birth of new elements. In the first part Embryo, operates with extreme positions of the body with the obscurity of his limbs and bodystructure. The second part Paradox Pel gives an image of moving by air in the space with the body covered by the butterfly pel who determines death in touch. The last part is inspired by Medusa's body ​coincides with the space. The choreography material makes the illusion of the movement in water, soft flooring and pulsating life.

​Element (from latin Elements, element, the letter) is something simple, primary, what is more complicated things consist from or what they are based on.​"


Date of premier: 27.1. 2012, Teatre Estudi, Institut del teatre Barcelona

links: https://vimeo.com/56352720

Cooperated with PERPETUM Ideas



Everything has a rhythm, form and movement. Pulse is inside of the body and in space.


Directed by: Dana Pala

Musical arrangement and solo marimba: Anton Ždanovič

Choreography: Dana Pala, Monika Šmídová

creative design and dance: DANA PALA CREATIVITY (Helena Šťávová, Daša Horvathova, Petra Hájková)

Percussion: Roman Zdanovic, Ladislav Bilan, Jakub Tengler, Simon Veselý


Projects PULS combine contemporary music performers and composers, choreographers and young dancers under the direction of choreographer Dana Pala and percussionist, composer Anton Ždanoviče.

Pulses closely combine music and movement of the dancers, so as to create a compact unit musical dance performances for a wide audience. This is a new form of presentation of musical concerts in dance and movement performances, where music and dance are an equal partner.

Every evening combines choreographed dance with musical realization of contemporary authors.

Project PULS 5.12 2015 in La Fabrika Theatre presented:

Ianis Xenakis - Rebonds B

Steve Reich - Nagoya Marimbas

Jonh Cage - Third construction


Steve Reich - clapping music

Casey Cangelosi - Meditation well. 1

Eckhardt Kopetzky - Night of Moon Dances


Technical specification:  space size min.: 10x10, lights: 8x PAR 56, 3x contra light, hazer, red, green, blue filter, white preferible (black) floor, rent of percussion equipment

Lenght: 60 min performance full lenght


Premier: 5.12. 2015, La Fabrika Theater Prague

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/147379789



http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1097206490-udalosti-v-kulture/215411000121204/ (from 15min)

Review: http://operaplus.cz/soudoba-hudba-a-mladi-tanecnici-na-ceste-za-ni/



Concept,Choreography: Dana Pala

Music: Jiří Lukeš

Costumes and scenographic design: Nguyen Ha Thanh/ Monika Lepschy

 Lights: Jan Komárek/

Photography: Jan V. Sacher, Vojtěch Brtnický, Andrea Barcalová

Camera: Jakub Křen, Jiří Matoušek

Producion: Klára Bělorová

Dancers: Dana Pala, Helena Šťávová, Andrea Vykysalá, Radim Klásek, Jaroslav Ondruš

Musicions: Jan Mach (bass clarinet), Jiří Pohnán (tube), Kateřina Šimonová (trombone), Ilija Chernoklinov (viol), Josef Hřebík (accordion), Jan Kasal (percussion), Marie Pochopová (organ)

Technical specification: This project is created for a specific space of the church Sacred Heart Of Jesus in Prague.

                   Lights needs:  6x light flood, 2x PAR

                                              Complete sound equipment needed


Materia is a site - specific dance performance inspired by architectural design of the Sacred Heart of Jesus temple and the work  of architect Josip Plecnik.


"At the beginning,

at the very beginning... there was nothing. Nothing in particular, just something formless, which was only becoming a real conture.

Nothing more than mass of thoughts and  phantasies. This conture was becoming real, could be drawn, assembled and hold together thanks to natural materials. However, how a coat could be born with such spiritual power?

A coat, which is consequently breathing as a man! Yet it could be born.... as the content was given. As this is a sacred place, a place where all beings are equal. Where God is omnipresent, where you can clearly feel that spiritual a material matters are united. A place where people reach to in hope for absolution, help and handshake. A place which accommodates everything, as well as lifestories, greatness, smallness and rythmisation. A space which is a box of untangible belief, a body which is a box of immaterial soul. Everything needs a scaffolding, frame which holds us together. And this is a coat we can touch. "


Date of premier: 26., 27. 9. 2013 Church Sacred Heart Of Jesus Prague

links: http://vimeo.com/74661470











Concept, Choreography: Dana Pala

Music: Eckhard Kopezki

Dance: Helena Šťávová, Daša Horváthová, Hana Laštovičková, Monika Částková, Dana Pala

Musicians: ​Miroslav Vytiska, Anton Zhdanovichanovič, Daniel Mikolášek, Šimon Veselý, Mikhail Pashayev, Mirosla Vytiska

Technical specification: space size: 12x12, lights: 13x PAR, blue filter, red filter, green filter, black floor

Lenght: 16 min.


„ Night of moon dances is a game. Are we dancers, musicians or music instruments? Eckhard  Kopezki in his instrumental composition inspires choreography where neither the music nor movement is superior, where everything is connected in  one unit.“​ DP


Date of Premier 25.2. 2013 Bohuslav Martinů Hall Prague

Links: https://vimeo.com/65012073


Concept, Choreography: Dana Pala

Music: Reshá, Sigur Rós

Dance: María Casares, Jesus Aragón/ Ayano Nagamori, Jan Vanczura

Technical specificationspace size min.: 10x10, lights: 8x PAR 56 red, green, orange filter, black floor, white horizont

Lenght: 6 min.


„...Stop&Go is a short duet about ​two people, unhumans, which lives in a little space and directing all the chaoz around us by their ​movements. It's is a parody, it's a fairy tale, a story on the edge of humanity, where real or unreal things appears as often as human stereotypes...“​ DP


Date of​ premier 27.4. 2012 to celebrate the Day of dance in Gracia, Placa del Diamant, Barcelona

links: https://vimeo.com/63969553





Concept, choreography: Dana Pala

Music:  The Stroj, Zoviet France

Dance: Jana Ryšlavá, Petr Štěpánek/ Jiří Srnec

Set design, lights, costumes: Michal Hor


Technical specification: wrestling ring 5x5 m, 2x profil, 4x PAR reflector

Lenght: 13 min.

Date of premier: 4.2. 2011 Theater Undergraund, Prague


"Original adaptation of the theme Girls war, inspired by the leitmotiv of Czech rumors by author Alois Jirasek. The moving rendition of the story is malignancy manipulation and betrayal thrown into the limited space of wrestling ring. The choreography points out the absurdity of ancient disharmony between man and woman, works with false nationalities, obedience to the community and also immoral and unethical practices weakness and willingness of an individual to become a tool of evil intent." DP



Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2bJ0cLGFSg



Concept, Choreography: Dana Pala

Music: Zoviet France, Iannis Xenakis, Max Richter

Dance: Helena Šťávová, Pavlína Rézová, Adéla Hurníková, Lucie Plachá

Set/ Light design: Dana Pala, Michal Hor

The set design realization: Lukáš Wágner, Michal Hor

Costumes: Ha thanh Nguyen, Michal Hor


Technical specification:  Space: 12x 6, Floor: white, Lights: 6x PROFIL, 3x FLOODS, 4x PAR

Lenght: 40 min

Date of premier: 26.9. 2011, Theater Alta, Prague, Festival Nová Generace


"Vector as a physical quantity. Specifies the orientation of the curve or surface. Defines the direction of movement, his reflection, shape and slope. Tetrahedron is the smallest indivisible and perfectly symmetrical object, consisting of a regular equilateral triangles and still has four walls. Individual elements are expressed in relation to each other goldensection, is an ideal balance.Tetrahedron shape is also used as a symbol in a 3D direction vector." DP

Vector 4 is a metaphor for the other (fourth) dimension, whether we perceive it as a mirror of the world or the world in which we see us.  It is also a world of twisted reflection and inversions processes. The author plays with the possibilities, of what would happen if some of the distortions have transferred into a real space.
Intensive daily inspiration is movement and life of a woman, who is constantly confronted and evaluated of the shadows and reflections of herself. Vector 4 tetrahedron extends previous Trinitas project, which also talkes about the aspects of female life in parallel situations.


Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtKWZiskZ

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWdpC1AV6M

Costume video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z87cwiaSNFE




Concept, choreography : Dana Pala

Music : hudební koláž, Craig Armstrong, Zoviet- France

Music Cut: Ondřej Urban

Dance: Helena Šťávová, Pavlína Rézová, Dana Palátová

Light, Set Design: Michal Horáček, Filip Šamalík, David Vrbík

Stage, Costumes Design: Michal Horáček

Costume realization: Ing. Dana Palátová


Technical specification: space 8x8, floor: black, lights: 4x PROFIL, 3x PAR reflector, smoke machine, (laser light)

Lenght: 14 min

Date of premier: 10.5. 2010, Theater Ponec, Prague



"Three women, three lives, three ways." DP


links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBFKwWooJXQ




Identif. Number: 04827937 


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