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Happy to announce dance production LA MAR from 2017 will be performed in new cast: Viktor Konvalinka & Hanna Nussbaumer 8.11. 2019 in Prague


Dance duet for two foreigners who are permanently searching for love. Based on the story by H.CH. Andersen


Choreography, Direction: Dana Pala

Performers, Creative movement research: Hanna Nussbaumer  (AUS & SWE) / Viktro Konvalinka (CZ) 

Light design: Michal Horáček (CZ) - original, František Fabian (CZ) - current

Costumes: Nguyen Špetlíková (VN)

Music: Jiří Lukeš  (CZ)

Music quitar theme: José Bolaňos (ES)

Production: Václav Hodonický

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" Love is somewhere where you are.

Don’t you see? Can’t you hear her? Don’t you


Love, but do not bound love. The body belongs to

nature, love is inside.

Catch her even though you are getting out of breath.

Love, but do not bound love. It will overwhelm you

again, melt through your fingers, run through

somewhere, and will not return again to you."          DP


Identif. Number: 04827937 


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